Friday, March 20, 2009



So here goes the story... Once upon a time... Just kidding...

So on Tuesday night I got back from Las Vegas and I was EXHAUSTED! so Mitch and I went to bed early. Brittany decided that she wanted to stay up late since it is spring break. About midnight Brittany heard Drayden go boom, he fell off his bed, So being the wonderful child that she is she went to check on him. She went to pick him up and felt that he was wet... she thought he went pee in his bed so she decided to go get mom and let me deal with it. As soon as she walked out into the hallway she looked at her hands and saw that they were all bloody!



Waking up from a dead sleep to that is just not a good thing. Mitch panicked a little. He was ready to run out the door in his underwear! I got a towel and wiped some of the blood away so we could see the extent of the injury. As we all know head wounds bleed alot, so the injury was not as bad as it seemed. I have no idea what he actually hit his head on to split it open. His bed is a little higher, but I didn't know it was capable of a cut like that. It was really gross, we could see his little skull, eeewww. He was a trooper at the ER though. The doctors were great and we were in and out in about 2 hours. 5 stitches and 3 loads of laundry later, he is back to his old self. He is excited about the cool scar he is going to get out of the deal. While I certainly could have thought up a better way to spend my night, I am glad that he is o.k. and I love him! after all Boys, certainly keep you on your toes now don't they!


Brian and Hillary said...

That looks like it hurt a little. How's he doing?

Doty Family said...

Poor kid. Not exactly what you wanted to wake up to. Glad he's okay. Boy's rebound quickly.