Tuesday, March 10, 2009

10 Fun Factoids

1~ I am the youngest of 8 Children. 2 boys, 6 girls. (yes I am the cutest.)

2~ I weighed 12 lbs. 4 oz. when I was born, (naturally with no drugs, sorry mom!)
3~ I graduated from highschool 1 year early. I was itching to get out of Orderville.
4~ Mitch is 12 years older than me. I like to put it in perspective for him by letting him know that when he graduated from highschool I was just starting Kindergarten. =)
5~ I crave ham sandwiches... all the time... don't ask me why.
6~ I used to be DEATHLY afraid of snakes, but after being married to a snake lover for 6 years I am now only MODERATELY afraid of them.
7~ If I could change one thing about myself it would be my legs. I swear I have elephantitis. The fact that I am pastey white and I bruise easier than a banana doesn't help the situation either. NO SHORTS FOR ME THANKS!
8~ Everyone always tells me I am crafty. That is untrue. I am cheap. I make things because I am too cheap to buy them.
9~ My favorite place to go is the beach. Preferably a lonely beach where I can show my gigantic white legs without being self-concious. and so all the good shells aren't taken.
10~ I am a night owl. It is not often that I go to bed before 1 or 2 a.m.


Michelle said...

You were almost 13 FREAKIN' pounds. Holy CRAP!! How big was the rest of the babies your mom had? Your mother is a saint! Also, I am seriously cracking up at Brian in that family picture.hahahaha Like you said before, it's funny how alike you and I are. I'm also the youngest of 8, I'm not fond of snakes either, I seriously need to go to SLEEP at night by I'm like you and stay up WAY too late and it drives Paul insane. But it's so nice to be ALONE! I'm also Cheap too. I love getting a good deal! Lynnette why weren't we better friends in highschool! Seriously! Who knew! This was such a fun post.

Hopie said...

Please kiss your mom next time you see her and take her out to dinner. I'm afraid I would have hated you right off if I was your mom... that had to have HURT!!!!! What a woman!!! You are so fun. I am the youngest of 6 girls!!! Babies rock!!!

Doty Family said...

You went to Valley High School? How did I not know that? you know were rivals right??? That was a fun little post!

H and K Enloe said...

You are seriously hillarious! Harvey and I crack up reading your blog. You difinitly don't have elephantitis. . . and god made you white so that Mitch would like you! (You know how he feels about dark skin!) LOL

Sarah said...

Oh my gosh Nettie! I love you, so very much. There is no freaking way you weighed that much, sorry, I think it is a scam to draw more attention to you :) haha! Oh man, I just love you.

Nettie said...

are you kidding, look at those fat rolls. I look like a 3 month old. I was so fat my blessing dress wouldn't fit so my mom's friend made one especially for my fat booty. I am the only one of the 6 girls who got to keep my blessing dress. We blessed Chantel in it too, after a few alteration =)

Third Times A Charm said...

Hey lady! I'm so glad that you found me. Now I can keep up with you and your family too. Can I say, "Holly Crap!" I never thought I'd see the day that Mitch cut off his beard. I bet you're so happy. :) Did he loose his "Sampson" powers? Any way, I totally feel ya on your # seven. I hate my legs too. You don't even want to get me going.