Sunday, March 29, 2009

Happy Birthday!

Today makes #25
I had a fun time with Mitch's family. To them I will always be the 17 year old.
(I was 17 when Mitch and I got together.)
works for me ;)
they gave my cake boobs because I am "almost" old enough for a training bra. lol I love Mitch's brothers. I have 2 brothers, but I never got to live with them, (they were already moved out when I was little)
Boys are just funny creatures.

Saturday Mitch and the kids took me shopping and to dinner.
This is me devouring my HUGE Red Robin BBQ burger.

Silly faces to pass the time!

Tick ~ Tock

My husband cannot keep his tounge in his mouth during a picture. Seriously it is so anoying.
All in all I have had a wonderful birthday. I got a new pair of desperately needed RayBans, Drayden gave me some of his Pokemon figurines... Chantel gave me one of her stuffed animals, and Brittany tried to make me breakfast. (key word... TRIED) I decided I better jump in when I smelled the smoke =)
I am such a lucky woman.
I have such a wonderful family, and awesome friends.
This is what life is all about.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Quiet Little Critters giveaway

Hello my fellow bloggers! I am doing some spring cleaning and I have decided that I am sick of storing my projects. So... IT IS YOUR LUCKY DAY! These are called Quiet Little Critters. They are in an Altoids Size tin. (No I did not use actual Altoids tins =) I made each little creature by hand out of Polymer clay. They have a powerful magnet glued to the bottom. I use them for church to keep my children quiet. I always have one in my purse as well, you never know when you might need entertainment. These are NOT FOR CHILDREN UNDER 3. They are very tiny and can be swallowed easily. So now all you have to do is respond to this post with your name, address, and e-mail. You also need to tell me how adorable they are =), then I will send you one. I am only going to send ONE to each person. You can tell me which one you want, but that doesn't mean that is the one you will get. TELL A FRIEND, I HAVE 12 TO GIVE AWAY! I usually sell them from $10 to $15 dollars a set, BUT FOR YOU IT IS FREE!





Friday, March 20, 2009



So here goes the story... Once upon a time... Just kidding...

So on Tuesday night I got back from Las Vegas and I was EXHAUSTED! so Mitch and I went to bed early. Brittany decided that she wanted to stay up late since it is spring break. About midnight Brittany heard Drayden go boom, he fell off his bed, So being the wonderful child that she is she went to check on him. She went to pick him up and felt that he was wet... she thought he went pee in his bed so she decided to go get mom and let me deal with it. As soon as she walked out into the hallway she looked at her hands and saw that they were all bloody!



Waking up from a dead sleep to that is just not a good thing. Mitch panicked a little. He was ready to run out the door in his underwear! I got a towel and wiped some of the blood away so we could see the extent of the injury. As we all know head wounds bleed alot, so the injury was not as bad as it seemed. I have no idea what he actually hit his head on to split it open. His bed is a little higher, but I didn't know it was capable of a cut like that. It was really gross, we could see his little skull, eeewww. He was a trooper at the ER though. The doctors were great and we were in and out in about 2 hours. 5 stitches and 3 loads of laundry later, he is back to his old self. He is excited about the cool scar he is going to get out of the deal. While I certainly could have thought up a better way to spend my night, I am glad that he is o.k. and I love him! after all Boys, certainly keep you on your toes now don't they!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


This is the Vision Van. It travels all over the United States. It is a full optical office, just crammed into a tiny space.

When the kids come in we start the screening process. We take measurements of their eyes, and test for glaucoma.

This is where the glasses are made. They cut almost all of the lenses on sight. There are a few very special perscriptions that have to be made elsewhere, but most kids get their glasses the same day.

This is the Doctor's office. These doctors are amazing. They are giving up thousands of dollars to come and donate their time. They are great.

What a great experience. The look on a child's face when they get their glasses and are able to see the world the way it was meant to be seen is unforgettable.


I spent the last two days in Las Vegas working for ONESIGHT. It is a charitable foundation that provides glasses to children all around the world who cannot afford them. The children are so wonderful to work with. I was in charge of crowd control, entertaining the children and running the "pre-test" machines. It was hot, and I got fried but it is so worth it! In the two days we were there we saw almost 200 children. Only about 20 didn't need glasses.

I thought these little boys were adorable. They came to me after and showed me how smart they look in their new glasses. I just loved them!

The Driver of the Vision Van was Leona, this is her brother. He is a fantastic artist and he is helping to keep the children entertained by drawing their "cartoon" pictures.

Look at these wonderful kids. They have never had glasses before, and some of the perscriptions were really high. I am just so thrilled to have been a part of it.


Ben is the artist here, the kids just loved hanging with him! All of the volunteers were great. The kids were so excited to get their glasses so they could see better.

OneSight is a great organization. I plan on going on an actual "mission" with the organization. We dispense glasses all over the United States as well as all over the world. If you have any old sunglasses, Eyeglasses, Reading glasses... any kind of glasses I NEED THEM!! I have to collect 1000 pair to dispense on my mission.

Sunday, March 15, 2009


What a day. We went to a baby blessing this morning, then we went to the luncheon afterwards. Then I had to go to my ward for young womens. After church we came home and relaxed for a few minutes. The usual "SUNDAY DINNER" at grandma B's was cancelled this week because it is their 40th Wedding Anniversary. HOLY COW! Hats off to them and Happy Anniversary! anyways, because we didn't have dinner with the fam, we decided to be naughty and go to CRACKER BARREL. I know it is wrong and breaking the sabbath and all that, but if you have not tried their Sunday special,(FRIED CHICKEN) you just haven't lived. Then we went to check out the Petroglyphs that are right down the street from our house. It was a nice day and WOW do we have some fun memories! I love teenagers... so young and twitterpaited! She even found something pornographic about the Damn petroglyphs!! what am I going to do with this child! lol I love it!

Friday, March 13, 2009


First of all you need a sewing machine. (unless you wanna go all Betsy Ross on us) You also need a towel and 1/2 of a hand towel. I usually just get two towels and one hand towel. Thread, scissors and pins are also helpful. o.k. off we go.

take your 1/2 of a hand towel and sew down one side.

then open it up and sew a zig-zag stitch down the seam to hold it in place better. A serger would be helpful but I am just too dang cheap to buy one.

then fold the other end of the 1/2 hand towel and sew it so it is a perfect triangle. Then find the center of the towel and attach the center of the hand towel with a pin. Pin it all the way across. Then sew it on with a zig-zag stitch. Go really slow and be careful because with the really bulky parts it is really easy to break your needle, and well it sucks when that happens. so patience please.

and voila! A hoodie towel. Perfect for baby showers, they will fit forever. Unlike those STUPID baby ones that work for about a week. My little boy is 6 and he still loves his hoodie towel. This is a cheap easy project and people will think you are AMAZING.

One inch... I think not.

O.k. here goes my rant. I have been told by EVERYONE that if you cut your hair it grows faster. So I decided that even though I have had lots of self-control thus far in not butching my hair off I would go and have them remover ONE INCH. So I try to make an appointment with the girl that always cuts my hair, but of course she is booked solid for weeks. FINE. I need this done NOW before I change my mind. I will let someone else take a wack at it. So here is the conversation... I am REALLY trying to grow my hair out, but I think I need a LITTLE trim so that it will grow faster. O.k. great. So just take off the BARE MINIMUM so that it will grow faster. I guess they don't teach what "ONE INCH" means in hair school, because even though my hair looks fine and she did a great job, she took of WAY MORE than one inch. GGGGRRRR. So now I am back in the stage where your hair is too short to do cute stuff to like curl it and put it in a pony tail, and yet it is too long to just leave down. BLAH! I hate this length. SOB SOB SOB. It hits my shoulders and does this 70's flippy thing that DRIVES ME NUTTY!! I have decided that I am going to be forced to attend cosmetolegy school so that I can just do my own hair. Someday I WILL have long hair. It better grow faster now. . . that is all I have to say.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

10 Fun Factoids

1~ I am the youngest of 8 Children. 2 boys, 6 girls. (yes I am the cutest.)

2~ I weighed 12 lbs. 4 oz. when I was born, (naturally with no drugs, sorry mom!)
3~ I graduated from highschool 1 year early. I was itching to get out of Orderville.
4~ Mitch is 12 years older than me. I like to put it in perspective for him by letting him know that when he graduated from highschool I was just starting Kindergarten. =)
5~ I crave ham sandwiches... all the time... don't ask me why.
6~ I used to be DEATHLY afraid of snakes, but after being married to a snake lover for 6 years I am now only MODERATELY afraid of them.
7~ If I could change one thing about myself it would be my legs. I swear I have elephantitis. The fact that I am pastey white and I bruise easier than a banana doesn't help the situation either. NO SHORTS FOR ME THANKS!
8~ Everyone always tells me I am crafty. That is untrue. I am cheap. I make things because I am too cheap to buy them.
9~ My favorite place to go is the beach. Preferably a lonely beach where I can show my gigantic white legs without being self-concious. and so all the good shells aren't taken.
10~ I am a night owl. It is not often that I go to bed before 1 or 2 a.m.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Hell has officially frozen over.

So my husband got a new job today, and it turns out they don't allow you to have long beards. What a shame. =) so I got to do what I have been waiting 5 years to do. CHOP THAT THING OFF!! yeah! As you can see he does not share my enthusiasm.

Right here I am thinking.... I hope he doesn't grab these scissors and chop all my hair off!! That is the only thing that has stopped me from doing it while he was asleep or something. He promised me that if I ever cut it off he would shave my head, and he would do it too.

So what do you think?? should I try to grow my chin hair out?? I don't think it suits me very well. I have to say that I am so proud of my husband because he was willing to sacrifice something that he cares ALOT about so that he could provide for his family. I thank my heavenly father every day for sending me such a great man! Seriously though, yall might want to bust out the food storage because now that Mitch has shaved his beard I know that HELL HAS FROZEN OVER!!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

A Wrinkle in Time

I find it amazing how quickly things change. This photo was taken almost 7 years ago on our
wedding day.

This is what we look like 2 years later. Wow, things have changed a bit eh? Where did the hair go? oh there it is, growing out his chin!

Four Years after our wedding , from blonde to Brunette. Mitch still has a hairy chin =(

Six years after we got married. I am trying the long hair, slightly skinnier look. Mitch is still sporting the Bad-Ass look.

This just goes to show that you should NEVER pick a husband on looks, money or his car. Because I will tell you what my friends they are the first things to go! I am hoping that the old saying that "things get better with age" holds true. While I doubt we will ever make it back to our former glory days, I know that the future will bring joy and surprises.