Wednesday, December 30, 2009

100th post!!

100 things that you never needed to know about me...

1. I am the youngest of 8 children
2. I grew up in a very small town
3. I love to go hiking
4. Food and I are good buddies
5. I am a bit of a rebel
6. I sell sunglasses for a living
7. I have 3 beautiful children
8. I have the best husband EVER.
9. I have no idea what my natural hair color is.
10. I don't like peanut butter
11. I have old lady hands
12. I love to scrapbook
13. I love love love my camera
14. I love making jewlery
15. I love my cricut
16. I LOVE wiggle carts!~!
17. I love to listen to music REALLY loud in my car so I can sing at the top of my lungs...
18. I love my inlaws
19. I tolerate my family... lol
20. I am a procrastinator in a very very serious way
21. I am a HUGE fan of Brian Regan (google him and laugh with me)
22. I love my i-pod touch
23. I want a laptop soooo bad
24. I love scentsy!!
25. my favorite flavor of potato chips is bbq
26. I HATE tons of butter on my popcorn at the movies
27. I always have to get up and pee in the middle of movies... gggrrrr
28. I love clocks
29. I love rusty old things
30. I am not a girly girl
31. I am always cold
32. I wear make up from the dollar store
33. I wear clothes from the thrift store
34. I hate doing my hair
35. my prom dress was a size 16
36. I love that my 4 year old dresses like a blind gypsy
38. I love to take showers in scalding hot water
39. I like my egg yolks runny
40. I like my toast well done
41. I wish I had hardwood floors
42. I have tile floors, (which are beautiful, but cold)
43. I am always cold
44. I love Pampered Chef stuff
45. my favorite color is RED
46. I have red hair (artificially of course)
47. my computer is in my kitchen
48. I only have 1 television
49. I like to make scarfs
50. I like to write poetry
51. I like miniature things
52. I love to laugh
53. I once choked on a hot dog and nearly died.
54. favorite cookies... Pumpkin chocolate chip
55. I enjoy experiments... the scientific kind
56. my dog is retarded
57. I feel retarded because I can't train my retarded dog
58. folding laundry sucks
59. I love shopping
60. I love getting my hair done by other people
61. camping is fun in very small doses
62. chinchilla have no ribcage... wierd huh?
63. I have come to the conclusion that all men the same.
64. my skin is an etch a sketch
65. I once burned my inner thigh while ironing paper towels... (I don't make this crap up!)
66. once my friends toilet papered my room and my mom wouldn't let me throw the toilet paper away, we had to use it... it was quite comical.
67. I was top of my class in the 3rd grade
68. I believe in asking forgiveness rather than permission
69. I love BIG trees
70. I wish I had some trees... any size would do really
71. People can change
73. my dirt is red
74. my car has butt warmers... =)
75. my car is old, but I love it.
76. I believe in the power of prayer.
77. I love having foreign exchange students live with us.
78. I am a jack of all trades... master of none
79. I wish I could be a better friend
80. I am in desperate need of a girls night out.
81. I wish I could keep my house clean.. seriously people how do you do it???
82. I swear my laundry is reproducing...
83. dentists are expensive, and painful, but necessary.
84. old buildings captivate me
85. I love blogging
86. I love that music can capture a moment and make it last forever
87. I need to be more organized
88. <--- two of my favorite numbers~~
89. one can never have enough fingernail clippers, tweezers, or scissors.
90. I only remember my scary dreams
91. I think gifts should be wrapped in paper... I am so not into the "bag" thing.
92. Mice are evil creatures...
93. I have shoe prints on my ceiling... thats odd
94. there are some things you just can't forget nomatter how hard you try... four score and seven years ago...
95. I've never been snowboarding
96. I miss my dad
97. I think of him when I see black licorice
98. I love to sew
99. I am blessed
100. I am 100% happy

Cheers V*V

- - Here's to the next 100~~

All my love...

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

and the award goes to....

So my dear friend BRANDY who can also be found at Some of this and Some of That, has nominated me for the "Circle of Friends Award". And I gotta tell ya.... It is truely an honor... Brandy is one of the most creative, kind hearted people I have ever met. I am blessed to be her neighbor, and her friend. We get to work together in Young Women's and it is so much fun! Can you say, Crafty, Beautiful, Kind, Giving, Great Cook... well if you can say BRANDY, then you have said it all!!! =)
So, on with the show...
the rules are I have to tell you 5 things about myself... sooo...
1) I don't apologize for being myself. If you don't like me I am o.k. with that, but don't expect an apology. If you find me offensive, then you have a crappy sense of humor and you need to get over yourself and laugh a little more often.
2) I am proud to say that I am a Mormon.
3) I am an official photography NUT!! (seriously, the kind you wanna run away from!)
4) I am really a horrible cook. Thankfully I have a husband who is a great cook.
5) I have hairy legs year round... if you don't like it, you are welcome to come and shave them for me. It is really a laziness thing.
Now enough about me.... lets talk about YOU!!!
The five bloggers that I would like to nominate... (in no particular order) are... *drumroll please*
Hopie... because I like to think we are alot alike in alot of ways. I love reading her blog. She makes me laugh until I pee in my pants. I think she has alot to teach the world, and I am grateful that I can call her my friend.
Cindy... because I think she is very inspirational. She is not afraid to say what she feels. I admire that. Not to mention she is an amazing photographer. She is humble, yet so beautiful! She is funny, and I sooooo wish we could hang out more!!! I think we would make great partners in crime... ;)
Lorene... because She is my big sis. I think she is great. She handles alot of stress very well. God gives us trials, and for a long time she was mine... Thankfully she didn't give up on me, and now I am lucky enough to call her my friend.
Andrea... because I dig this chick's brand of humor. Plus she grew up in the same po-dunk town as me, so we can relate. She is gorgeous, and she is a strong person. I am so glad that blogging has let us get to be better friends... =)
Bodoba... because she is so sweet. I never knew her before blogging, and one day there was a random comment from her. I jumped over to her site and we have been blogging buddies ever since. I like her because she blogs about her real life... which is sometimes hard. It helps me realize that everyone, all over the world has problems, and it is up to each of us to lift one another, and show some love.
Now nominees.... if you wanna play along just pick 5 more friends and let them know why you like being in their circle... =) make sure to let them know you nominated them!!! happy blogging!!!

Monday, December 14, 2009


Mother, when I think of you,
I think of Poetry

and skies of blue.

I think of writing,

it must be neat,

I think of prayer

Every night, what a feat!

I think of love,

so much you gave,

I think of Spankings

when I misbehave.

I think of friendship,

Yours is the best.

I think of bread,

You must let it rest,

I think of crafts,

you taught me well.

I think of kisses

whenever I fell.

I think of Trials,

You're always so strong.

I think of sewing,

Your thread's much too long.

I think of lessons,

so many learned.

I think of the stove,

and my fingers burned.

I think of heaven,

wrapped up in your touch.

I think of you mommy,

and I love you so much!

Written for my mommy by: Lynnette 12/10/09

Friday, December 11, 2009

Making cookies...

This morning, this fine morning my children decided that we should make some cookies. Being the wonderful homemaker and angelic mother that I am, I said, "sure, we can make cookies as soon as mommy is done cleaning." Approximately 6 hours later, my sweet and lovely children, (while jumping on my bed, which really looked more like a laundry mountain) reminded me that I *PROMISED* we could make cookies.
Mommy needs a break from cleaning anyway. So we proceed to the kitchen. O.k. 1 cup of butter, good job, thats right, pour it right in. 2 cups of sugar, oooh sugar... yummy. 3 eggs.... uh.... come on with those eggs, WHAT?!! look harder.... are you SURE.... urrrghhh! NO EGGS. o.k. o.k. that is just fine, I will go borrow some eggs, lets just proceed and put the eggs in last. o.k. chocolate chips... WHAT... no chocolate chips either!!! This is when the nice angelic mommy went out the window and the hormone driven crazy wild woman took over. The children started to cry because I told them I was going to throw the damn cookie dough away and we could try again another time because there was just nothing I could do. Now the children start begging, "can't we just go to the store and buy some eggs and chocolate chips?" My response... "HELL NO! I have been cleaning all day, I wreak of pine sol and my hair hasen't even seen a hairbrush. I am in my sweat pants for heavens sake." Drayden, sensing my distress replied, "Mommy, I think you smell lemony fresh, and I like your hair like that, it looks pretty." I felt bad for taking my frustrations out on my sweet little children who just wanted to make some dang cookies. So I put on my big girl panties, and a coat because it is freaking FREEZING outside, and off to the grocery store we went. I am surprised I didn't get more compliments for my lovely lemony fresh perfume, or my "straight out of the jungle" hairdo. The children proceeded to fight over the steering wheel side on the stupid "car cart" who's idea what that anyway, I could shoot them. It puts the children just far enough away that you can't catch them when they try to dive out. and who only put one wheel in there?? HELLLOOOO!!!! IDIOTS!!!
On the way home Drayden hit his sister. She proceeded to cry. I tell Drayden, "you tell your sister sorry right now!" Drayden.... *heavy on the sarcasm "sorryyyyy" "Drayden you better say it like you mean it..." *heavy on the attitude, "sorrryyyy" If you don't say it like you mean it right now I am pulling over and I am going to make you mean it.... *totally convincingly "sorry Chantel" Just after he said it a little voice popped into my head "are you teaching life skills here or acting skills? is it any wonder that they become such great liars as teenagers? look at what you are doing!!! you are condoning LYING!!" SIGH.... what a long day. I have had a relatively horrible day, and I am sorry to take it out on you. I should have just thrown the dang dough away. On a positive note, my house is clean... =)

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Frost Family Christmas Party

The Frost Family Christmas Party (my mom's family) is always held in my home town of Orderville. My kids love going through the "big tunnel" in Zion. The tunnel is actually over a mile long, it is so awesome! If you haven't been there, you should go.

The "buffalo ranch" is on the hill just above Orderville. It is so cool with the rolling hills and clear blue sky.

Nothing like a good BS session to get everyone in the holiday spirit! lol

My mom and my Grandma. Some of the funniest ladies you will ever meet. Grandma Nellie is my favorite, she cusses like a sailor and she doesn't sugar coat ANYTHING.

We saw a Bald Eagle... it was so cool!!! it was right on the side of the road, but I didn't want to get too close and scare it away, so it is a little blurry. We had so much fun visiting family and friends. I took my brother's family pictures while we were there too. They are on my photography blog.