Sunday, June 17, 2012

Day 3 & 4

Day 3 was a total bust... it rained so hard I thought for sure we would be swimming home! So we will eliminate that from our memory and move on to:
Day 4... We started it off at the swap meet. I am in love with the swap meet. We got so much worthless crap for very little money. ;) Not to mention all the free entertainment... lol... so redneck... I loved it.

Then it was FINALLY off to the beach. It was still very cool from the previous day's rainstorm. But we were anxious to dip our toes in the mighty Pacific.  I told Chantel to go stand close to the water for a picture... apparently she was a little too close... but it did make for some fun pictures. =)

Brittany and I agreed that the beach was the best part. I can't wait to go back.
Next was the HORRIBLE drive to Los Angeles... it was only 40 miles but it took all freaking day! I could never live in a big city with lots of traffic... it was so nerve racking!
Now to my story of how amazingly perfect our trip up to the Griffith Observatory was.
So the observatory is up on the hill above LA. As we started the winding drive up the mountain {aprox 3 miles from the top} I noticed cars parked on the sides of the road... the closer we moved to our destination the more packed the cars started to get. I was thinking to myself... SHIT! I really don't want to have to walk 2 miles up the mountain, but after that drive we are going to the observatory come hell or high water!... when we got to about a mile from the top the cars were so packed that we had no choice but to keep driving, there was nowhere to turn around. There were signs all along the way saying "Parkinglot Full" Anyway we finally pull up into the parking lot and sure enough it is packed full. Then suddenly there was a parking guy in an orange vest. He directed us to pull over to the side. I thought for sure we were going to get reprimanded, but to my pleasant surprise he was actually guiding us into a parking stall that was literally 10 feet from the entrance. Talk about LUCKY!!!
Then Brittany spotted the HOLLYWOOD sign so of course we had to strike a pose!

The Observatory was amazing. I have a thing for astronomy so I enjoyed every second of it.

My 2 favorite parts of the observatory were watching the giant telescope open and rotate and the Tesla Coil. I decided I really need a tesla coil of my own. ;)

We got to look at VENUS through the giant telescope. It was very very amazing!

An amazing view to end an unforgettable day!