Sunday, August 29, 2010

dual purpose

Water baloons are no longer just for soaking your friends...

now they double as "aLiEn MoNsTeR" fingers and toes.

Seriously, Where do kids come up with this stuff? lol...

Saturday, August 28, 2010

summer splash

This is the main street splash pad. It is right in the center of town, and the kids have so much fun here! I am a slacker mom, so we usually only make it there a few times each summer, but boy oh boy do they have a splashin' good time!

There are waterfalls to stick your face in...

I loved this, Chantel is trying to "SHOWER" lol... good times...

My little fairy dancers... lol... ;)

The river section is probably their favorite... they just lay there for hours... if I was smart I would put one in my front yard! My favorite part of the main street splash pad is that there is lots and lots of shade, and it is only about a block away from 25 main... which means I get to eat yummy cupcakes every time we go! You just can't beat it~ oh and it is FREE!!! =)

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Brink family reunion

We got spoiled rotten this year at the Brink reunion. Our friends have this beautiful cabin in Duck Creek, which just so happens to be a hop, skip, and a jump away from the Brinkerhoff camp site. It was seriously soooo nice... after an evening around the campfire, instead of crawling all dirty into a sleeping bag in a tent, I got to go soak in a jetted tub, and sleep on a nice cushie bed. it was the best camping trip ever!

I love these boys so much!! It is the only time of year we really get to go 4-wheeling and play in the dirt.

Chantel got a little owie and she had to show her uncle Sean. He kissed it and made it all better.

See... All better... =)

There is usually alot of B.S. flying around at the reunion... it is by far one of my favorite aspects...

Three generations cooking on the dutch ovens... Breakfast for me, o.k. not JUST for me...

When these three march off like this you know there is something fishy going on...

hhhmmmm... I wonder what happened to that tent... I am sure that these boys had absolutely NOTHING to do with this wake up call... lol

They had such a fun storytime this year. They took a few of the poems that Grandma Tink had written and did little games to go along with them. I was not really paying close attention, but this little activity had something to do with going to the "Wart doctor". Which I am sure would have made alot more sense if I had the poem to go along with it. But the kids had a blast with it!

Do NOT let the innocent little faces decieve you... these two are trouble...! They really are too cute together though. They both have a personality that is... well.... a bit controling? We can only handle them in small doses together, but they sure do love each other!

Mitch's Mommy and Daddy... they are seriously the cutest! I know they sometimes drive each other nutty, but they are so cute and loving towards each other. It makes my heart smile.

I LOVED this picture... Brittany discovered that he piggy pillow oinks when you squeeze it. What a cute little woman she is!

And this is the woman who started it all. I love her to pieces. She is so hilarious! I love her spunky personality. She says things so unexpectedly. She is so fun to talk to. I am forever grateful to her and grandpa Tink for creating such a wonderful legacy.

This is a classic example of the "Carey" smile. Seriously, try to look at that face and not smile... I bet you don't last long. And then there is SpongeBob grumpy pants... lol

And Last but most certainly not least, THE COTTON CANDY!!! Aunt Neener Weener always brings her cotton candy machine. She is so sweet to make and re-make lots and lots of cotton candy for the everyone. I look forward to it every year, and by the looks of Drayden's face it is one of his favorite parts too!