Saturday, August 28, 2010

summer splash

This is the main street splash pad. It is right in the center of town, and the kids have so much fun here! I am a slacker mom, so we usually only make it there a few times each summer, but boy oh boy do they have a splashin' good time!

There are waterfalls to stick your face in...

I loved this, Chantel is trying to "SHOWER" lol... good times...

My little fairy dancers... lol... ;)

The river section is probably their favorite... they just lay there for hours... if I was smart I would put one in my front yard! My favorite part of the main street splash pad is that there is lots and lots of shade, and it is only about a block away from 25 main... which means I get to eat yummy cupcakes every time we go! You just can't beat it~ oh and it is FREE!!! =)

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Brian and Hillary said...

I took the kids there once this year as part of a field trip and they really enjoyed it a lot. They didn't have there swim suits but we didn't care. It is a great place.

It really would be kind of nice to have something like that in a yard.

When do we get to see pregnant pictures? It would be nice if I could get something like that done.