Sunday, November 4, 2012

Catching up... week 6

O.k. First and foremost I am a cheater. I admit it. I ate a tootsie roll on Halloween, and I ate soup WITH BREAD... {let the hand spanking commence} However, I have committed to Brittany {who has been straight as an arrow} that I will get "back on the wagon". Everyone loves a good comeback story. ;)

So the weigh in comes as no surprise

Lynnette: This week I weighed in at 167 LBS. Which is really not impressive... but at this point I am just glad I haven't gained anything... lol... so that brings my total weight loss for 6 weeks to 12 LBS. Aside from the cheating it really does feel like the weight is just hanging on for dear life... but I am going to melt it off this week... you just watch!!!

And Brittany... the star of the show: weighed in at 243 LBS... are you sitting down because this number is amazing... in 6 weeks she has dropped 29 LBS!!!!! She is so committed and she is amazing at keeping me on track.... {sort of} lol... I know how badly she wants this and she is doing it. PLEASE if you see Britt tell her how amazing she looks... because she really does. She is at the point where all of her clothes fit quite loosely and her pants are literally falling down. She is and always will be my beautiful little girl, but it is so nice to see her feeling confident and really knowing her self~worth.

A huge thank you for all of those who are keeping up on our progress... It really does help to have people who care! <3 p="p">Tune in next week to see me finally kick Britt's butt on a weekly weigh in!