Wednesday, March 31, 2010

a sunday stroll...


isn't it lovely to have a big brother to carry your water for you??

Brittany's idea of hiking... {"if I HAVE to go... I might as well work on my tan"} *super heavy on the teenage drama...

watch your step... ;]

This one turned out blurry... but it was too cute to delete...

Perfect spot for a little rest...

oooh what is that creature I spy on the rock??

GOTCHA!! Sunday afternoons are the best!
{can you tell I am having fun with my photoshop lately??}
there is soooo much to learn!!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

soccer season has begun

The sun is shining... the birds ar chirping... spring is here... and so is soccer... =)

Friday, March 12, 2010

how much fun CAN you have in one day???

I looked out the window and saw.... SUNSHINE~! I was so excited! I woke the kids and told them that we were going to cram as much fun into one day as we could. We started off with lunch at Pirate Island Pizza... YUM and FUN! The kids never get to go there so it was a HUGE treat. Then we went to Jumpin' Jacks... also something that we NEVER get to do....

It is basically a giant warehouse filled with inflateable slides and bounce houses... kids just love it.

my favorite part is getting eaten by the dinosaur!!!


Then in order to "CRAM IN THE FUN" we got ice cream cones and took them to the park.

My suggestion was that we sit on a blanket and eat the ice cream... and then play... but the kids decided that they could eat ice cream while they were playing...

in a tree??? really??? whatever little dude! (I love the sun playing peek-a-boo in this picture)

My gorgeous girl... all grown up...

and the perfect ending.... a little reminder of what makes this life worth living, and what makes days like today... the very very best. A true BLESSING!!!

~ Nettie

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

no... seriously... drumroll please!

Ha! I tried to post from my phone... and it obviously did not work... =) so.....
NEWS IS...........

As of the 14th of March, I will be the new STORE MANAGER of SUNGLASS HUT!!!! This is so exciting and scary and wonderful all wrapped up in the same package. It is ALOT more responsibility.... and a few more hours away from home... but it also means MORE MONEY... MORE STABILITY... and the title of course... ;) I will be able to work during the day so that I can be home in the afternoons for important things like homework and kisses at bedtime. Chantel starts Kindergarten in the fall and then I will have all of my kids in school. That means that I will really be spending more time with my kids.... I am so excited!

I feel like this promotion is an answer to prayers, and I feel so blessed that Heavenly Father is looking out for my family. Pay your tithing people... things really will work themselves out. =)
Thanks so much for being patient with me... I hope you all aren't bummed that I am not pregnant or the relief society president... but in my book both of those things would be BIG... but not so much exciting... more like nightmare... ;) I love you all!!!
Pretty please don't post anything on Facebook... there are certain people who still can't know... =) thanks~!

drumroll please.