Sunday, September 19, 2010

work that BABY!

Oh yeah BABY!! This mamma is getting ROUND... =)
I keep thinking I am o.k. with having a baby... and then I see babies and I freak out just a little. They are so tiny... and breakable! Mitch pointed out yesterday that in 15 weeks or less we are going to have another baby!!!! yikers! I really freaked out when he said that... we are so far from ready it isn't even funny. But I am sure that everything will work out.
We did find out that it is a GIRL. Poor Mitch, he is pretty broken up about not having another boy. I really couldn't care less... other than girl stuff is cuter, and there is lots more of it... so I guess I am excited about the shopping... =) So baby Jelly Bean is now Annie May... however Chantel called her jelly bean for so long that I am thinking that is going to stick as a nickname... lol.