Sunday, September 19, 2010

work that BABY!

Oh yeah BABY!! This mamma is getting ROUND... =)
I keep thinking I am o.k. with having a baby... and then I see babies and I freak out just a little. They are so tiny... and breakable! Mitch pointed out yesterday that in 15 weeks or less we are going to have another baby!!!! yikers! I really freaked out when he said that... we are so far from ready it isn't even funny. But I am sure that everything will work out.
We did find out that it is a GIRL. Poor Mitch, he is pretty broken up about not having another boy. I really couldn't care less... other than girl stuff is cuter, and there is lots more of it... so I guess I am excited about the shopping... =) So baby Jelly Bean is now Annie May... however Chantel called her jelly bean for so long that I am thinking that is going to stick as a nickname... lol.


*Aliese* said...

CUTE name. :) You're so stinkin' adorable!

Brian and Hillary said...

I love the picture. It is so cute, especially the way you are posing. Cute baby bump too. You will be just fine when it comes time for the baby to come. I am so ready for mine to come right now.

Cute name too.

Michelle said...

OH how i love prego pics! You look fabulous!! Sarah's little girl has the exact same name that you chose. Is it a family name or something or does great minds just think alike??

Brittney said...

you are glowing mama! Can't wait to see your new baby. You are so adorable with your posing.

Hopie said...

You are so freaking cute!!!!!! I can't wait to meet your little Jelly Bean!!!

Sarah said...

Gosh your gorgeous!

Brian and Hillary said...

I like the main hippie picture at the top. You should change the name of your blog to there is always Cannibas Sativa. It fits the picture better, and since its a natural drug God would approve of it better.

You should try having this one at home. Cheaper, funner, you would love it I know. Plus it would make your mother and sisters go bonkers.

Here is a nice little false quote from Brigham.

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