Sunday, March 29, 2009

Happy Birthday!

Today makes #25
I had a fun time with Mitch's family. To them I will always be the 17 year old.
(I was 17 when Mitch and I got together.)
works for me ;)
they gave my cake boobs because I am "almost" old enough for a training bra. lol I love Mitch's brothers. I have 2 brothers, but I never got to live with them, (they were already moved out when I was little)
Boys are just funny creatures.

Saturday Mitch and the kids took me shopping and to dinner.
This is me devouring my HUGE Red Robin BBQ burger.

Silly faces to pass the time!

Tick ~ Tock

My husband cannot keep his tounge in his mouth during a picture. Seriously it is so anoying.
All in all I have had a wonderful birthday. I got a new pair of desperately needed RayBans, Drayden gave me some of his Pokemon figurines... Chantel gave me one of her stuffed animals, and Brittany tried to make me breakfast. (key word... TRIED) I decided I better jump in when I smelled the smoke =)
I am such a lucky woman.
I have such a wonderful family, and awesome friends.
This is what life is all about.


Michelle said...

Happy Birthday! SOunds like you had a good one! I'm glad you are now old enough for a training bra.haha Mitch's family sounds awesome!

Sarah said...

YAY HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I LOVE YOU!! :) Just FYI: I talked to My sister, she said I can pick it up for her :) She was VERY excited :). See you soon! Happy 25 and honestly, you don't look a day over 18 (I have you a year :))

Owen and April said...

Happy Birthday! Love the boobs on the cake. :) Owen's family will always think of me as the little 13 year old too.

free said...

Wow!! 25 huh!!! I can't believe your that old. I think you were about what 15 or something like that when I met you.

Well any ways it looks like you had a great day with your family. Happy Birthday to ya. Sorry its a day late.

I to have to say love the cake. THey don't even look like boobs. I have 5 years on you. I think.

Third Times A Charm said...

Are really only 25? Holly crap! You did marry an old man. :) You guy's have the cutest family. It looks like you had a great b-day. Happy Belated Birthday.

Brian and Hillary said...

The last comment is from Brian and Hillary, not from Free.
For some weird reason it put us under free.

I just thought I would let you know how that comment was really from.

Kate said...

I'm glad you had a good 25. Isn't 25 an odd feeling? It was for me. I keep meaning to email you but my hubby has been working non-stop and I need his help getting boxes down to look for glasses. He's off today so I'll get on that. Sorry I'm so slow.

Cindy L. said...

sound like you had a great day. i love the gifts your kids gave you. it makes motherhood worth it when they love you so much that they're willing to give up one of their favorite toys to you. and Britt cooking for you is just so sweet. i really love the picture of you devouring your hamburger. it really looks like you enjoyed it!