Sunday, March 15, 2009


What a day. We went to a baby blessing this morning, then we went to the luncheon afterwards. Then I had to go to my ward for young womens. After church we came home and relaxed for a few minutes. The usual "SUNDAY DINNER" at grandma B's was cancelled this week because it is their 40th Wedding Anniversary. HOLY COW! Hats off to them and Happy Anniversary! anyways, because we didn't have dinner with the fam, we decided to be naughty and go to CRACKER BARREL. I know it is wrong and breaking the sabbath and all that, but if you have not tried their Sunday special,(FRIED CHICKEN) you just haven't lived. Then we went to check out the Petroglyphs that are right down the street from our house. It was a nice day and WOW do we have some fun memories! I love teenagers... so young and twitterpaited! She even found something pornographic about the Damn petroglyphs!! what am I going to do with this child! lol I love it!

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Brian and Hillary said...

Lynnette, I love getting on your family site. It is really cute and creative. I have been trying to change our back ground on ours and can't get it to work. Also the smile box thing is cute. where did you find that at. Let me know I really like it.

Also tell Mitch he looks really good with out his goatie ( it think thats how you spell it).