Friday, March 13, 2009


First of all you need a sewing machine. (unless you wanna go all Betsy Ross on us) You also need a towel and 1/2 of a hand towel. I usually just get two towels and one hand towel. Thread, scissors and pins are also helpful. o.k. off we go.

take your 1/2 of a hand towel and sew down one side.

then open it up and sew a zig-zag stitch down the seam to hold it in place better. A serger would be helpful but I am just too dang cheap to buy one.

then fold the other end of the 1/2 hand towel and sew it so it is a perfect triangle. Then find the center of the towel and attach the center of the hand towel with a pin. Pin it all the way across. Then sew it on with a zig-zag stitch. Go really slow and be careful because with the really bulky parts it is really easy to break your needle, and well it sucks when that happens. so patience please.

and voila! A hoodie towel. Perfect for baby showers, they will fit forever. Unlike those STUPID baby ones that work for about a week. My little boy is 6 and he still loves his hoodie towel. This is a cheap easy project and people will think you are AMAZING.


BeTrue2You said...

I love our hoodie towel! Jade thinks it's his spiderman cape! (I tried to tell him spiderman doesn't have a cape...) I agree, so much better than the itty bitty things they sell in the stores!

Doty Family said...

Crafty, crafty girl! Love it.