Sunday, January 10, 2010

the end of the world

Tonight was a busy night. I turned on the discovery chanel to keep my kids entertained while I finished the things I needed to do. The show was something about outerspace and planets and things... or so I thought. I glanced in to check on the kids. Chantel had lost interest and was coloring... but Drayden was GLUED to the screen. They seemed pretty occupied so I continued to do my thing. Bedtime rolled around and I asked Drayden to turn off the t.v., which he did. Then while we were getting pajamas on and such I asked him... "So, how was your show?" he replied, "terrifying" terrifying??? really, why was it so scary? he proceeded to tell me about 10 different ways that the world was going to be destroyed... all of which meant death and disaster for all humans. *sigh* poor kid. He was literally in tears telling me about it. I tried to explain that it is a fact that everyone will die of something or other, but that we don't have to be afraid. I think he is pretty severely tramatized. (I get the mother of the year award for letting my 6 year old watch a show about the appocolypse!!) We told jokes to try to lighten the mood, then I spent the last hour and a half tickeling his back and singing him primary songs (which is probably more traumatic than helpful seeings as I cannot carry a tune) ... he finally fell asleep. It was really hard to see him so scared. I know that the world will probably end someday... and I may even be around to see it... who knows... but some words of wisdom:

Be strong and of a good courage;
neither be thou dismayed:
for the lord thy god is with thee
withersoever thou goest.
Joshua 1:9

Sleep well my little Drayden, and know that mommy loves you... but more important... God loves you.


*Liese said...

That would be traumatizing!! What a cute mom though...Good job for staying up with him and singing songs, giving him attention, etc.

Greg and Mel said...

oh sad! poor kid! I'm sure he'll get over it though. I love your header by the way, SO cute!!

Brian and Hillary said...

We have had something like that happen too. Kendal used to worry about it alot. We let the kids watch a movie with us a year or so ago and it was all about destruction. He finally for got all about it.

Just try to keep his mind off of it for a while. Keep him distracted with the things he does need to know. He may eventually forget all about what he saw.

Good luck with that.

Michelle said...

Way to uncensor the TV, Lynnette!haha j/k I love the fact that even though he was scared to death, he kept on watching!:) Hopefully he feels a little better today.

Did you know that me and Connie traded vehicles? She wanted something smaller and we wanted something bigger so it worked out really well. Although, I'm going to miss my car VERY much! I loved that thing! I also will miss getting 30 MPG! Oh well, at least we all fit now!

Cindy L. said...

that is so sad! way to go Mom! That is something I'd totally do by accident too. I'm sure he's fine now though right??