Thursday, October 15, 2009

my day off...

I woke up to kids with the sniffles, so they got an extra day of vacation for fall break. They weren't really SICK sick, I just figured better safe than sorry. So we decided that we would hang out. We made a picnic lunch and went to the "spinning" park. And of course we snapped a few pictures ;)

I liked this one of all three kids.

Is it springtime???

Or is it fall??? I guess here in sunny southern Utah it is hard to tell the difference. =) It cracked me up when I looked at the two pictures together and realized that there are probably not very many places on earth where you could capture those images in the same location on the same day...

Everything spins at the "spinning" park! Nice that Chantel is eating yogurt as she spins, that seems like a GREAT idea... NOT

After the spinning park we decided to go to the library and hang out for a while. We read lots of books and everyone got to check out a book.
That is about where the fun stopped.
When we got home I cleaned for a little while,
Helped Brittany sew her Levi quilt,
then Drayden got a fever,
We took him to the Doctor... Just a cold... whew!
then we went to Walmart... I hate Walmart...
200 dollars later we realized that we didn't even get all that we needed,
so we stopped at Walgreens,
Got home... Brought the groceries inside.
Realized that my pantry is so jumbled that there is NO way we are fitting everything we just bought in there.
Put on a movie for the little ones..
oh and now Chantel has a fever... Hooray!
Then I cleaned out the pantry.
Same story with the refrigerator... YUCK
So I cleaned it all out.
I got all the groceries put away.
Then I remembered that while cleaning out the pantry I found the ingredients for Pumpkin cookies... YUM! that would make my day WAY better...
So Brittany helped me make some.
They are in the oven.
And so here I sit... at 11:42 p.m. Blogging.
Having the day off is alot of work!
So kudos to all you full time stay at home moms...
Now I am pretty sure there is a cookie calling my name...


Doty Family said...

Amen to that sista!! That sounds like my everyday! But you know about being home too. Sounds like you had a great day. I love it when we can have fun and accomplish a few things too!

Brian and Hillary said...

The park and Library sound fun to me. Sorry that you have sick kids been there this month already. Micah still has a little bit of a nasty cough, but is doing better.

My days are always crazy. Even more so now that we have all 5 kids at home. But it is all good.

Hope you were able to enjoy some of those pumpkin cookies. I have a really easy, but yummy pumpkin chocolate chip recipe. Hope your kids get to feeling better.

Brian and Hillary said...

Oh by the way Lynnette I love the pictures. You are getting so good at it.

Where did you get your camera and what kind is it?

Melissa said...

Oh, what fun!! Sick kids, grocery shopping, cleaning all in one day. Although it sounds like you got alot of things done.

*Oh and seriously I want to take photos like you! You are really good!

bodoba said...

I hear ya on the fever scare. My poor 2 yr old had a 102 fever all day yesterday, thankfully it went down. It's not fun to have sick kids that's for sure.