Thursday, July 2, 2009

Summer Rewind

I love looking back at pictures of my kiddos. I love to remember all of the sticky summer days, filled with popsicles and cotton candy. I love the dirty toes and the sound of fireworks.

I love the giggles, and the long nights filled with games and bbq. I love hanging out with friends and helping my kids find the big dipper in the stary sky.

I love the love that summer brings, and I hope to never forget these times. Truely we are having the time of our lives..... have a safe 4th of July!!


Hopie said...

Jeesh, they are cute!!!

Kris and Danielle Ramsay said...

Hey girl, I live in LaVerkin now. I am so glad that i found you. You look good as well. You have the cutest family. I love reading your blog cause you keep everything up to date and you have the funniest blogs. Do you live in St. George??