Monday, July 20, 2009

Brinkerhoff Reunion '09

Mitch's family is awesome!! I am such a lucky girl to have inherited such great in-laws and extended family. When little boys and girls get disruptive and don't mind... we just tie them to a tree!! lol!
Chantel showing her true colors...

Brittany and her cousin lounging after riding 4-wheelers all morning.

Chantel and Kelsey are two peas in a pod, I mean seriously look at those faces!! Do they not just scream "Mischief"!!

Chantel was so excited when she talked Uncle Sean into taking her for a ride!! Sean is slightly less enthusiastic, but Chantel just has a way of turning on the charm with him.

Drayden playing with Jax, What a cool cousin he is!!

I loved this one, it just really captures the joy that you can have when there is nothing to distract you. I loved having Chantel's hair in braids too, I didn't have to touch it the entire time. It was awesome!!

Who gets the award for "most excited camper"?? DRAYDEN!!

Mitch with his dad and brothers, I think it is so important to have pictures like this.

Family is the most important thing in the world to me. The night I got home from the reunion I got a voicemail telling me that my cousin's husband passed away. I was shocked! He was only a few years older than me. It is just incredible to me how quickly life can change. He was out on the lake with his boys and they jumped out for a swim. The lake was cold and they were soon in trouble, they couldn't get back to the boat. They called for help, the boys were rescued, but their daddy didn't make it. He truely gave his life for his kids. I cherish every moment I get, because you seriously never know when your time is up. My thoughts and prayers go out to Shaunna, and her three boys, May god be with you and help you feel comfort and love in this difficult time. Everyone go kiss your husband and your kids, no matter what they have done today or ever to frustrate you, it is just not worth wasting precious time being angry. Live each day, like it is your last.


Michelle said...

Amen to what you just said. I'm still in shock at what happened to Scott. Like you said "you just never know". It puts alot of things into perspective when stuff like this happens. What's really important and what's not so important. My prayers are also with Shaunna and her family. I hope somehow they can be comforted at such a hard time in their lives.

Hopie said...

Thanks for the cry. I guess we all need that reminder. BTW, I love the Brinks too!!! I kinda feel like an honorary member for being around for so long!!! Their reunions are THE BEST!!! Thanks for sharing.

Kris and Danielle Ramsay said...

It looks like you had guys had a food time at your reunion. I was so sorry to hear about shauna's husband. My heart goes out to her and her entire family. Like you said "you just never know" I made sure to give my kids a great big hug and kiss and tell my husband how much I love him. Take care

Cindy L. said...

Oh my goodness! That is so sad. :( I'm so sorry to hear about it. It's so hard to lose a loved one. What a hero he is for saving his boys life. Must have been his time to go.