Sunday, July 5, 2009


Picture it...[cue spooky music & Haloween voice] It was a hot dry desert night... the kids were bored, mom and dad were tired. When all of a sudden from the darkness emerged.... "The Red Demon".... lol!!

Drayden was having so much fun scaring us... he would jump out and say boo, he would try to think up scary stories... I thought it was adorable!!

He even got daddy spooked ;) while he was setting up the tent trailer for us.

Here we are getting ready to roast up some marshmallows to make smores!! yummy! If you have been living under a rock and don't know the best way to make smores, I will tell ya,
Get the Keebler fudge stripe cookies, (way less mess, and still super delicious)... Roast the mallow, grab two cookies and squish it all together..

Me and my mallow, I am so excited here because I allowed myself to cheat on my diet. See I have the raised eyebrows, the fixed smile and those crazy eyes, trying not to make contact with the sugary goodness that is just inches away. After not having any sugar for quite some time you can bet I devoured this sucker once it was all golden brown... sugar has never tasted so good.

Chantel and her double mallows [cue crocodile hunter voice] a rare shot of this wild beast in her natural habitat... Careful not to get too close, you might disturb her, and trust me you DONT want that!! This creature can get very angry if you interupt her feeding time. lol

Dray~diggety~dog and his double mallows. [plus his wicked cool personality ;)]

Brittany shoving a mallow up her nose... lol.... just kidding, it does look like it though huh?

Daddy lighting my fire... [waggling eyebrows] er um I mean the Campfire, right the campfire...
Why do we not have a fire ring you may ask?? Do we not practice safe camping skills??

Well my friends, we went camping in our own front yard, thats right!! Cause movies and gas are expensive and hanging out with your family is FREE!! (minus the $3 we spent on smores)
Would you rather go see a movie or would you rather create the kind of memories that make you and your kids look back and laugh when you say...
"Remember the time when we......"


Hopie said...


*Liese said...

Good job for camping in your own front yard. I have to tell you though, Keebler cookies don't do s'mores justice. The very best ones are still done with grahm crackers. HOWEVER, using a Reese's Peanut butter cup instead of Hershey's squares are truly delectable.

Doty Family said...

That is awesome! I saw the trailer in the yard and wondered where you had traveled. But nothing beats staying home and having a flushing toilet!!! I love the picture of Brit shoving the marshmallow up her nose!

Cindy L. said...

Good for you! We've done the camping in our yard a few times too, and the boys LOVE it!!! I am going to try your s'more idea. Never done it like that before. Sounds very delicious!