Sunday, May 10, 2009

I am woman... Hear me roar

I have always HATED the 12 foot tall 8 feet wide mess of bushes in my front yard. Mitch refuses to let me cut them down because he loves the privacy. I am tempted to call national geographic because I know there are things living in there that have never seen the light of day. Last week I got the spring cleaning bug in my butt and decided that it was time. Sometimes it is better to ask for forgiveness than permission. So I dug around in Mitch's garage and found the SAWSALL (I am famous with this tool... more stories to come I am sure)

4 hours of cutting later and voila... 30 years of god's hard work destroyed... or as I like to thing of it... ENHANCED. ( I am all about the child labor by the way... it builds character right??)

I compromised... I cut the bushes into trees. Mitch says they look like bonsai trees... all twisty. They are starting to grow on me. I will probably end up cutting them all the way down and starting with a blank canvas, but that will have to wait for another day... I should have taken pictures of the bonfire, it was SAWWEEEETTT! not that I am a pyro or anything ;) Well I hope to post more soon, busy busy busy.


Hopie said...

That will be weird to see your house from the street!!!!

Brian and Hillary said...

They really do look like bonsai trees. Did you roast some marshmallows while you had the big bonfire? We wished we would of had some marshmallows when we did our bonfire.

It will be easier to find your house now. Good job on the trees.

Sarah said...

You're amazing. I miss you. very much. :)

Cindy L. said...

They look great!! Way to go! I'll bet it looks fantastic. Can't wait to see more pics.