Monday, April 27, 2009

crazy, shmazy

just a super cute picture of my little ones.

Chantel and her friends at her birthday party at the Bear Mill. It was so cute, they got to pick a stuffed animal and "bring it to life" They all had a great time. Chantel hauls the thing all over the place now.

Drayden at his Birthday party at Sand Hollow. I am going to go ahead and put a plug in for them. It was an amazing party. 12 kids it included swimming, pizza, drinks, goodie bags, balloons and the party area for $60 dollars. I was SUPER impressed.

easter egg hunting... so much fun. We have been egg hunting almost every day since.

I got no pictures of Brittany's party because I was too busy trying to keep a handle on 20 teenagers. it was lots of fun though. we went and played night games.. super fun!


*Liese said...

That first photo is super cute!

Hopie said...

Dang Chantel has cute friends ;) 60 BUCKS???? Are you kidding? That's a great price!!!! I must remember that!!!

Doty Family said...

Such a good deal for Sand Hallow! I think that is where J.D. will be doing his. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the picture of chantelle kissing Drayden! Good to know they love each other, huh?

Brian and Hillary said...

I love your pics. 20 teenagers what were you thinking. But it sounds like you made it through all the fun festivities. How much was the Bear Mill party? That looks way cute and fun.

Glad to hear everything turned out for you.

H and K Enloe said...

You are once again the perfect mom!

Melissa said...

That is very cute photo of your kids! I have never been to the pool there. My oldest has, for a field trip and he loved it. I have been meaning to try to make it down and take the kids there. That is GREAT deal for the party though!