Monday, April 20, 2009

Chantel turns 4

Drayden was definently the "whoops" baby. Chantel on the other hand was a pain in the butt from the very beginning. I had some crazy reactions to the birth control I used after I had Drayden. It basically stopped my cycles... YIKES. It took us over a year of trying to get pregnant with Chantel (believe me Mitch LOVED this problem ;) Anyway we decided that since it was our last child and we already had all the basics, we were going to wait until the baby was born to find out the sex. It drove everyone crazy, except me.

O.k. fast forward to delivery day... THIS ONE IS SOOOO WORTH READING!!

O.k. so this is the second go round and I am an EXPERT right?? WRONG!! the pains started at about 6:00 a.m. They were regulating, and escalating quickly so we left the house around 8:00 a.m. and headed for the hospital. The back labor was TERRIBLE again, but I was being tough and I was not screaming or anything. When we got to the hospital they got us a room right away, and the epidural guy got there as soon as I had my gown on. YIPPEE no pain for me thanks. Anyway the labor with Drayden was sooooo long that I figured we had all day. So I made myself comfortable and started playing some Tetris on my phone. The nurses came in to ask me how I was doing at about 10:30 a.m. I told them I was o.k., but I could feel some pain so they showed me the "magic button" it is like a little clicker that you can push to release more medicine into the epidural. I thought it was a bit strange that my epidural was wearing off after only two hours, but what do I know right?? At about 11:00 a.m. my doctor finally meanders on in. He asked me when the was the last time they checked my progress. I told him at 8: 30 or so. He decided it was time to check on things again, so he grabs his glove and I spread 'em.

I wish I would have had a video camera. The look on his face was PRICELESS!! He takes one look down there and starts FREAKING OUT!! He is pushing buttons SCREAMING for the nurses to get their butts in there, he throws the table thing down and grabs his little face mask thingy. All the while I am looking back an forth from Mitch to the Doctor going WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON???? The doctor finally stops panicking just long enough to look at me and yell "DON'T MOVE, DON'T BREATH, AND FOR HELL SAKE DON'T PUSH" all of the sudden I am surrounded by nurses and all sorts of other hospital staff. The doctor says, o.k. GIVE ME A PUSH. and voila. She arrived. I kid you not, I was still holding my tetris game. it was that fast. poor Mitch, he looked at her from his chair and started celebrating thinking she was a boy... NOPE sorry dad, that is the ombilical cord! lol A few minutes after she was born and they had wisked her away to get all cleaned up and beautiful, I was talking with the doctor. He told me her head was almost all the way out when he first looked, HOLY SHIT!! my baby almost fell right out on the floor! No wonder I was feeling a little pain!! too bad I gave myself a big dose of epidural juice and numbed it all up!! I have to say, after the initial shock was over, it was pretty dang funny. HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHANTEL!!


*Liese said...

That's freakin' awesome. I must say, it's stories like this which actually make me feel BETTER about having kids (since I'm all sorts of freaked out about it). My old college roommate had pretty much the exact same experience with her second baby and it definitely brought a little relief that if I DO decide to have my own kids, there's a small chance I won't hate them for being so painful. :)

Hopie said...

WOWZA!!!! That was great!!!! But you already know, I'm a sucker for birth stories!!!! Cambelle is coming to Chantel's party on Saturday!!! She can't wait!!!

Doty Family said...

Happy Birthday Channie! Cute, cute girl!

Kate said...

These are not good for me to hear!!! I can't read these stories. haha But you do have beautiful children and I'm glad to see that you are making it through the month. Good luck its almost over!

Brian and Hillary said...

I never heard your birthing stories til now. Wow!! Glad to hear that you are making it through all these Birthdays.

Happy Birthday to all your April birthday kids.

Melissa said...

Wow, you guys have a lot of birthdays. Sounds like it is one big party at your house. They do grow up so fast don't they!? I can't believe that I have an 11 year old! Crazy!