Thursday, February 12, 2009

Men VS. Women

I got these pictures on my e-mail so you might have seen them before, but they are so funny and so true. They really say it all. I just love that men are such simple minded creatures. I also find it funny that women work themselves to death to try to impress the men in their lives, while the men simply soak up all the good fortune and being the "Thoughtful" creatures they are offer to eat that last bite of chocolate cake for you. I am perfectly capable of eating my own cake... thank you very much.
"Oh... I see you are just trying to be nice and remind me that I am on a diet. Well who asked you to be my personal trainer anyway?? Oh I asked you yesterday?? Well I changed my mind o.k. I want to be fat!"
My husban is truely a patient man. I truely love him, I just find these little quirks comical. So go hug the man in your life because he really cannot help the fact that his brain is unable to multitask, we are simply wired different. A woman's brain in linked to every part in her body, while a man's brain is wired only to one specific part. (if you can't figure out what then you should probably go back to 7th grade health.)
So here's to the strong women in the world who keep things running smoothly looking beautiful all the while, and here is to the simple men out there who make changing a diaper into a gag fest. We love you anyway.


Doty Family said...

That is funny!!! So true, so true!

Michelle said...

That's halarious! I think most of us know how simple men are, but most of us forget (like me), so thanks for that little reminder of MEN!haha