Friday, February 6, 2009

Family Pictures

O.k. so I don't know how everyone feels about getting family pictures taken, but WOW, what an ordeal! it is supposed to be so easy, just smile for the camera right? WRONG!!! Everyone has to be in matching or at least coordinating outfits, and everyone must be perfectly presentable. I think I did Chantel's hair at least 3 times before I finally just gave up and let it be. And then to top it all off... I get one decent picture and the rest look alot like this. I know it is great humor, but it isn't exactly what I had in mind to be framed over the fireplace. Oh well I guess I will look back on these times and appreciate the humor, but for tonight I suppose I will just enjoy the fact that I have a family to take pictures of!
At least I can count on Brittany to be beautiful! What is up with my face??? I look like a mouse just crawled up my leg and I am trying not to freak out. . .

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