Sunday, October 7, 2012

Week 2 weigh in.

We weigh in every Sunday morning. Today we were greeted with these results:

Brittany down to 256 {down 5 pounds} for a total of 16 pounds down in just 2 weeks!
{Brittany is also down 1 whole pant size!}
Lynnette is down to 172 {down 3 pounds} for a total of 7 pounds in 2 weeks!

I would say we are seeing GREAT results for our efforts. We are still plugging away at our "Ripped in 30" exercise routine. {starting on week 2 tonight} I think better than our physical transformation is our change in MENTALITY!
A few days ago we bought a giant bag of apples, and Brittany said, "Our fridge is starting to look like a normal family fridge now. Full of fruits and vegetables" I love it!
We are also starting to rub off on the the littler kids... Drayden and Chantel have been asking for apples as a snack, and strawberries... Mitch is yet to jump on the bandwagon, but he is being very supportive about OUR goals. Thanks to everyone who has offered us encouragement. This seems like a very daunting task... but I know how important it is, so I will stay strong. Tune in next week =)


Brittney said...

Nice nice nice!! Baby steps! I am always taking baby steps to better health too.

Michelle said...

Once guys are awesome! It makes me sad that you actually BOUGHT apples though. When you come for your photo shoots this month you need to bring a box and take a whole bunch from us. We have TONS!