Tuesday, March 8, 2011

new ride

I love driving the Dodge. It is powerful, clean and just all around lovely. However, It is a diesel. and in case you haven't noticed Diesel is about $3.89 per gallon... *faint*

So... I swallowed my pride... got out the air freshners,

tried to ignor the rust and dents and manly yuckiness... while brushing up on my ability to drive a stick shift...

and started driving the little toyota. I know I am a spoiled brat, and I really have no room to complain, but this little jalopy was my husbands work truck for quite some time, and that means that it is absolutely filthy... it is a hunk o junk for sure, but gas is cheaper than diesel, and I bet this little truck gets about double the gas mileage, so I get to drive a hoopty now. =) In all honesty I should have been driving it a long time ago, I could have saved a bundle, but again, I am a spoiled brat, and I am trying really hard to humble myself... so if you see (or hear) this little truck, throw me a wave, it isn't nice to ignore your friends just because they drive crappy cars. ;)


Brittney said...

ha, I love it!! I would probably be fine driving it as long as it didn't make me stink after riding in it :) But my parents always had embarrassing-looking cars growing up, so I don't attach much self-worth to the vehicle I drive haha

*Aliese* said...

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