Monday, January 10, 2011


I sure wish my baby knew that night time was the right time to sleep. =(

She seems to look alot like this at night... except not so calm...

There is alot of screaming. A few days ago I woke up... (which means I actually went to sleep at some point) and looked over at Mitch... I was like, "WOW... Annie actually slept last night!"... to which he replied... "NO. YOU slept last night." lol... I guess that is just what happens when you get to a certain point of sleep deprivation. Your body takes over and you sleep nomatter what kind of catastrophe is happening around you. lol. Thank goodness I have a sweet husband who took over when I shut down.

I am starting a new very strict diet regimen... in the hopes that my baby will be happier and healthier, and so will my waistline.

I swear she is the cutest baby ever! I am so totally biased... but I love her so much!


Brittney said...

She really is super beautiful

Brian and Hillary said...

I went through the same thing with Kasen for the first few days. But as soon as my milk came in it was a lot better.

Some foods can be irritating to babies.

Let me know what kind of diet thing you are doing. I am ready for a slimmer waist line too.

She is truly a gorgeous baby.

Hopie said...

Holy cow....... what a cutie!!!! Good job Mitch for letting you sleep. It's hard at first. Hang in there!!!