Thursday, January 27, 2011

leather flower how to

Chantel had an old leather jacket... I am sure it is not real leather, but it has that look. She finally grew out of it, and then the zipper broke, so I took out the zipper and made some zipper flowers, but then it seemed like such a waste to just throw the jacket away. So I decided to try to make some flowers out of it.

I cut along the top because it had a nice seam on one side.

I started out pretty wide and gradually got smaller towards the other side.

Then grab a needle and thread and just stitch along the cut side.

as you gather it up make sure that the smaller end ends up on top, that way it will spiral in so that there is a more defined center. stitch through the center a few times to make sure it is tightly secured.

then simply cover the middle with a bead, button or jewel. Add a clip or a pin to the back and TADA!!! a gorgeous addition to any outfit! This can be done with any kind of fabric, but I thought the leather added a nice texture. HAPPY CRAFTING!!


Chelsey Ann said...

I love love love it! I have a really cute way to make fabric flowers that is REALLY easy. Maybe I'll post one too! Who knows, maybe everyone will join in and we'll have a bunch of new ideas!

Cindy L. said...

That is SO cute! You are so Crafty!!