Wednesday, January 5, 2011


This is the most disgusting game ever! Drayden got it from a friend of ours... It is a bit like Russian roulette. You spin the spinner and you pick out whatever color of jelly bean you land on. The catch is that even though all the jelly beans look the same, one is a yummy flavor, and one that looks exactly the same could be a yucky flavor. A few examples,
Banana or pencil shavings?, licorice or skunk spray?, coconut or baby wipes?, pear or booger?, caramel corn, or moldy cheese?, berry blue, or toothpaste?, chocolate pudding, or dog food?, popcorn, or rotten eggs?, Peach, or barf?...

Drayden's first choice.... Peach... whew... barf would have been awful!

poor Chantel... got rotten eggs, too bad! popcorn would have been yummy!

Brittany got licorice... whew... I can't even imagine what the skunk spray must taste like! yuck!
Then I unfortunately got Pencil Shavings... It was freaking disgusting~!

Not so lucky this time... Dray got Rotten Eggs too... YUCK!

It is fun to watch other people's bad luck ... lol!

Chantel's next choice was either blueberry or toothpaste... really it was toothpaste, but she really liked it! lol!

Brittany got a Centipede flavored one... She said it tasted like dirt... yuck!

It was funny to play Russian roulette jelly bean style... but about 3 rounds is more than any person can probably handle! lol!

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Cindy L. said...

Great pics! It looks like you may have gotten a new lens for Christmas?? So excited for you. What kind did you get?