Saturday, October 30, 2010


I am well aware that Halloween is in fact an ancient pagan holiday honoring the dead. However at my house it is considered "dress up day" I think Halloween is a lot of fun. I don't allow my kids to be scary gory gross things, I think it is more about having fun.

I rocked the "bun in the oven" costume, While Mitch humored me with one picture of him in his "baker" costume. I literally made the hats in about 10 minutes. Mitch said the hat looked "girly" so he refused to wear it. Whatever dude! it was funny I thought.

My beautiful britter bug was a fairy. Basically all she wanted was to wear the tu tu... silly girl... I think she looked adorable though.

not to toot my own horn here, but I say this picture wins the funniest of the year... I seriously laugh my butt off every time I look at it. The face, the curled fingers... oh my! I love this boy... he is such a good sport! Originally he wanted to be a mummy. I procrastinated a little, and then I started not feeling well, and then it was 2 days before the school Halloween party and there was no mummy costume. I broke my own rule and took Drayden to K-mart to pick out a costume. (I promised myself I would not be one of those crazies that spends 20 dollars or more on a costume that is only going to be worn once... if I can't make it, you can't be it...) anyway K-mart had costumes at 50% off, so I caved... I just didn't have it in me to make a mummy costume... it sounds like a simple one... just wrap the kid up right? no... not so much... you have to wrap in a way that allows for going to the bathroom ect... so long story short, we went to K-mart. I looked at the costumes and my heart sank...they were crappy... like, super duper crappy... then Drayden comes running around the corner with a huge smile on his face... holding... a hot dog costume. "mommy!! check it out!! how cool is this one???!!"... "uuummm... are you kidding?" "no way! this is AWESOME! I totally want to be a hot dog mom!" "how much is it?" "twenty bucks"... "half off twenty bucks... *pondering*... o.k. dude... you can be a hot dog." "SAWWEEET! my friends are going to laugh so hard! I'm a wiener!" "o.k. dude, so help me, if I get a single call from the school about inappropriate behavior in the hot dog costume, you are going to be in big trouble!" *his little face wilts* "o.k. I'll be good, I promise." What a funny boy!

and last but not least... Chantel the butterfly. She is such a pretty little thing, I am sure she could wear a burlap sack and look adorable... Halloween has been a lot of fun this year... and I can't wait to steal all the tootsie rolls and Reeses Peanut butter cups from my kids bags!!!


Hopie said...

I always LOVE your pictures!!!!

Doty Family said...

The Hot Dog picture has me chuckling. You family seriously rocks!

Brittney said...

you have beautiful kids.. hot dog pic is hilarious

Chelsey Ann said...

Your kids are adorable. That's so funny that he was a hotdog. If you've ever seen Sark Tale you'll get this... "he's a wee-na!" Makes me laugh!