Tuesday, October 5, 2010


ewww, eww, gross! I H*A*T*E hate snakes. My husband on the other hand thinks they are the coolest thing ever.

Brittany also thinks that they are the coolest thing ever. I will never learn to like, or even tolerate snakes. I have tried, I just think they are super gross.

I prefer frogs... while they are also a little but on the icky side, they are alot more fun to play with, and they can't bite or strangle me...

Poor frog... lol... Chantel had a blast playing with the little dude... (is it me or does she look super grown up lately?)

Even though I have an icky 4 foot snake living in my house... and a slightly less icky frog... I can still laugh... and Laughter...well, it really is the best medicine isn't it?


Chelsey Ann said...

Thanks for your comment on my food blog... as for me and not gaining weight, I have. I've gained 30+ pounds since I've been married. Of course some of that is from having babies but I'm sure I haven't lost it becasue of food! Dang food! It's a neccisary evil!

Brittney said...

you take awesome pictures. Didn't that frog pee all over in defense??

Brian and Hillary said...

I can't stand creepy things either. I am glad my kids aren't into them. I can stand worms, lady bugs and grass hoppers, but nothing like that.

I have had a snake forced into my hands once and it wasn't all that enjoyable.

I think I will stick to the nice critters.

Third Times a Charm said...

I prefer frogs to snakes too. And yes Chantel is starting to look more grown up. She is addorable.