Tuesday, June 29, 2010

camera shy??

I think not... =)

HA, HA, HA... I think he learned that pose from his daddy... ;)
(look at all these designer shades... I wonder if someone works at a sunglass store?)

Yup... He sure did! I love my husband... he makes me laugh. He got my "barf" crackers out of the truck because we ran out of bread to feed the ducks... This is his lovely "Vanna White" pose.... lol... good times.. *You gotta love the crazy eyes too... yeah that will help you sleep good at night*

Seriously... I told the child to feed the ducks, and this is what I get. My children do not understand the concept of "natural photography" they just pose, and pose and pose... not that I am complaining... it is just very comical.

Yeah, I am just sitting here on this bench... not looking at the camera... I swear, I was just laughing at nothing... what a ham! =)

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Brian and Hillary said...

They are such cuties Lynnette. Posing can be more fun. I love Chantels shirt that is way cute. You guys are sure an adventurous family. Love the pics. I miss taking pictures of things fun or silly. Our camera died a while back.