Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Egg Hunt

Yes I know Easter was quite a while ago, but my thinking is and always has been... "better late than never." so here we go.

This year we decided to carry on Mitch's family's tradition from last year...

We ditched the run of the mill egg hunt at the park... you know the one where the kids don't find the eggs, they just run around and gather them like crazy chickens with their heads cut off???

Instead we drove out to the mountains. Last year we missed out, but the rest of Mitch's family went on an egg hunt of grand porportions. So this year we were sure to schedule early... =)

MMMkay I randomly threw this picture in #1 to see if you were paying attention... and #2 to express my sincere horror when I realized that this is a nest of newborn caterpillars. EWWW! I thought it was a bunch of caterpillars stuck in a spiderweb, {which would also be ewww} *shuddering uncontrollably.... I never knew... I'm just sayin'

On with the egg hunt... so the girls got together in the trailer to decorate the nearly 12 dozen eggs. the following are a few of my fine specimines... =)

Ninja egg... =)

Horrified egg... why is he horrified you ask???

Because when we hunt something.... we NEVER miss... =)

That's right our egg hunt consists of shooting up all those lovely eggs....

Even the kids get to play along... {with parental supervision of course...} It was a fun memorable day filled with love... which is the most important thing I think. After all easter has nothing to do with eggs... I LOVE my savior and I am overcome with all that he has done for me. It is a reminder that if he can do all of that... it shouldn't be so hard for me to pull up my happy panties and try to be an influence for good in the world. =)


Doty Family said...

LOVE IT! I gotta share this tradition with Josh, he will love it. We shoot our Gingerbread houses at the season's end! Why not shoot eggs?

Brian and Hillary said...

Who would of thought of shooting easter eggs. That is different for sure. But it sounds like you guys had fun. That is a good tradition.