Thursday, April 29, 2010


Daddy's are always the best at frog hunting... They know all the good hiding spots.
look at how cute he is mommy... can I keep him?

pretty pretty please with a cherry on top?

Look mom, I found his mommy and his daddy... they could be like a little family!!!

Look.... he likes his picture taken.... =)

He is super kissable! Maybe if we kiss him he will turn into a prince...

ha ha ha... not exactly. ;) So now with the smooth transition into randomville... This is Drayden's mean soccer face... Call me a tightwad, but I refused to purchase soccer pictures this year. It is only about 10-20 dollars, but with two kids in soccer, and plenty of pictures from my own camera... I opted to keep my $$$. =)

And last, but not least I am super excited that my apple tree that I planted 3 years ago as a pencil sized twig is now blossoming and is taller than me. =) I love to watch nature it is very uplifting. It helps me to know that there really is a plan... bigger than you or I could ever really imagine.


Sarah said...

That's a great picture of Jo'Dee! I miss you guys!! So SO much!

Brian and Hillary said...

Did you end up keeping the frogs? They are cute though. I wouldn't blame you for not wanting to pay for pictures when you are so good at taking your own.

Pretty blossoms. I too was happy to see that some of the things that I planted are still alive too. Now if this blasted cold weather would go away maybe we could grow more things, like our garden.

Third Times A Charm said...

=) I remember catching frogs, and taking them home for pets. I love frogs. It was alwats fun to catch them as polly woggs and watch them turn into frogs. Oh how fun to be a kid...