Tuesday, November 3, 2009

All Hallows Eve '09

Mitch dressed up as himself this year... he was the official candy hander~outer guy.

I was a.... fairy?? I actually got home from work late and hadn't thought a bit about dressing up. Brittany was very disapointed in me, so she threw together my costume. I think she did a great job.

Brittany was a "punk rocker blues clues" Kids are very creative these days.

And Drayden was a mummy of course... what a silly kid, look at the eyes. What a crack up.

My little witch. I think she is just the cutest.

We had a fun Halloween, mostly went and visited alot of family that we never get to see. Mean old mommy took all the kids candy away and I am dispensing it as I see fit. =)


Cindy L. said...

LOVe your costumes! Very cute!

Doty Family said...

Mean old mom! You all looked darling, especially Mitch!!! Glad he was our trunk-or-treat neighbor and kept Josh company!

Hopie said...

I love everyone's costumes... especially Mitch's!!!

Melissa said...

You all look GREAT! I think that it great that you have someone to help pull together your costume! I hate having to think up costumes, my kids pretty much thought up there own this year. Happy Times!

Ashley said...

You guys look great!

Andrea and Brandon Barney said...

Awwww....how cute! You take some great pictures!

ME said...

LOVE these pics. They are so cool!!!

Brian and Hillary said...

Lynnette these are great pictures. Love the fairy look on you. Very cute.

Just also wanted to let you know that our family blog has been updated to it just isn't showing on yours.

Have a great day. Hillary