Thursday, August 20, 2009

how many years for murder?

EXIBIT A~ AAAWWWW so cute, so sweet, so precious,

EXIBIT B~ OOOOHHHH SO clean, and organized and beautiful

EXIBIT C~ There are no words.
EXIBIT D~ 5 garbage bags full of toys
I could kill her!! little turd! I leave for work at 3:30 (the room is spotless) I get home at 9:30, and the room looks like this. 5 garbage bags full of toys and some not so hollow threats later, the room is again spotless, and no matter what it will NEVER look so messy again, because I threw nearly all her toys away. It was that or kill her, and even though I think they would let me off for temporary insanity, (because I nearly lost my mind when I saw this) (oh and I have pms)(I am a ticking time bomb people)I don't think I really want to kill her... *glances at the above picture* welllll maybe..... *glances at first picture* fine I won't kill her, she is pretty cute, but GGGRRR!


Hopie said...

Ohhhh, I had an anxiety filled moment just looking at the photo!!!

*Liese said...

OHHHH! What a little stinker! A cute little stinker, but still...I would have been livid. Good job for baggin' it all up though!

Lorene Briscoe said...

Oh man what a nightmare--the joys of being a mom--I feel for you woman--And I totally understand--so sorry-now I know why you called and wanted to give us some things--I don't blame you for being angry but sometimes you have to remember that she is just a kid.

Doty Family said...

Isn't it great to be a mom?? I totally do the garbage bag thing often. Infact my boys have very little toys at all. You just get tired of the constant picking up! You go girl!!

Third Times A Charm said...

LOL!!! Holly Crap!!! I'm glad it was you not me. I think I would have been locked up right now. Pretty sure you'd get pff for pms