Thursday, August 6, 2009

growing up in the sticks

We spent the weekend in my hometown... ORDERVILLE. population about 500. My husband laughs at the silly things us hicks do, but to me it is just like a warm blanket... it feels like home. Things like signs that say WHOA... instead of stop,

like getting three scoops of icecream, even though you know it is going to melt before you finish the first one!

Sitting in the tire swing untill your legs fall asleep is a perfectly constructive way to spend you time.

The entire town attends the prom, and church on Sundays. Grandma lives just up the street, and there is always someone to visit with. BBQ's are a daily thing, and the county fair is in the high school parking lot.

I would go hiking every day, no matter how hot it was.
The entire town attends the prom, and church on Sundays. I love that a parade in Orderville consists of anyone and everyone decorating anything with wheels. Cars, trucks, bikes, wagons, all you need is a bag of candy and you are IN! When you graduate from Highschool you get to paint your graduation year as big and as bright as you want right on the mountain. There are no stoplights, and you are about 100 miles from anywhere. I love to look back to childhood, where I didn't have a care in the world, except what time to be home for dinner. Keep your past close, and remember that little child that still lies within.


bodoba said...

I come from a small town too. I really miss my granny just living down the street. Always phoning in the morning to say she just made a batch of muffins and getting to run over and eat them while they're still warm! I've blocked out most of my childhood but some of the good stuff I still remember.

Doty Family said...

That's how I feel about Marysvale! It's exactly the same as Orderville, well almost :). Gotta love a small town!

That little girl on my blog is my best-friends little girl. She had her in high school and I helped take care of her for the first 3-years of our life when we lived together.

Michelle said...

It was so fun to have you guys here. I love that picture of Landon just chillin' with his legs crossed while he was eating his dinner.haha I love my small little town! Amen to everything that you said!

Hopie said...

I LOVE IT!!!!!!! Great post, girl!!!

Kris and Danielle Ramsay said...

I love going back home too. Orderville is my favorite place. There is just something about it that is so innocent and peaceful. Go Buffaloes!!!!

Melissa said...

Hey I recognize that tire swing and some of those kids in the photo! Ha! Ha! I love to visit Glendale and love the very hometown feeling, but I don't know if I could live there.