Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The battle of the BULGE

ahhh where to begin...
 well lets start in the middle, since the beginning is a little too far back.
 A few years ago at work the dress code was Black, White, and Grey professional. This was when I was a size 9. When I went back to work after Annie was born they changed the dress code to simply. "professional" no color exclusions. Well last week they decided to go back to the black, white, and grey... um... yeah... The problem is not that I don't own clothing that fits into the new dress code... {I swear I am a bit of a hoarder} it is simply that I have expanded to a voluptuous size 14 and I cannot fit into any of it. So what is a girl to do? Go shopping and buy all new clothes in size 14?
I decided NO! Enough is enough!
Annie is turning 2 {sob} in just a few months, and I cannot use her as an excuse any longer! The time has come to face reality. I cannot live off carbs and sugar and expect to be a size 9.
I also wrangled my daughter Brittany into my new life change. She is 16, and well, she lives with me, so she eats junk food constantly.
I did HCG Pre- Annie and lost about 30 LBS... I felt AMAZING! However, I think I am permanently ruined on eating the food that fits into that diet plan. 6 weeks of the same thing gets pretty old. So this time I switched it up a bit, and this is what I came up with.
 Breakfast: aprox 1 cup of fruit
 Lunch: 4oz. lean meat vegetable (I don't put a size limit on the veggie... eat until you are full)
 snack: aprox 1 cup of fruit
 Dinner: 4 oz lean meat vegetable (again, no limit)
Exercise regimen:
HAHAHAH... One battle at a time kids... lol...
 I figure we are bound to loose weight eventually, but more importantly we are going to be taking much better care of our bodies. I long for that size 9... at least... and I want my energy back!
So this is actually Day 4 of our "life change" and it is going well. I am feeling the withdrawals of sugar, but hopefully by next week it will be just a distant memory. I will be posting "before" pictures soon. And I am hoping by this time next year I will be posting some pretty amazing "after" pictures.
Wish Brittany and I luck on our journey! Any advice, life lessons on the subject, or kind words will be appreciated. Please keep the fat jokes to a minimum...;) lol


*Aliese* said...

Jealous. I have my own bulge to battle as well (for obvious reasons), but can't diet thanks to breast feeding. HOWEVER, if you do ever decide to break into the "workout world," I would totally be your buddy!! Even if it's just walking around the park every night.

Brittney said...

Hey good luck! I think that's great. I would recommend adding protein to each meal/snack, even if it's just a handful of raw almonds.

Melissa said...

That's not much food ladies... I think you'll be starving at 9:30am! I'd throw in some yogurt or eggs for protein. Boiled eggs can be your best friend!! You can't starve to death on the way... I'd steer clear of anything with artificial sweeteners too even if they are calorie free they are CREEPY!