Friday, February 4, 2011

my lazy life...

aah how I will miss the cuddles, and the lazy days of just sitting around watching judge shows and practicing my photography.

It makes me so happy to make memories with my babies.

I just have to cherish every moment.

because all too soon they will be gone...

So even though I am sad, that my lazy life is almost over, and I will soon be back to run, run run, I must be strong. I will be strong. I have faith. All is well. I simply have to make every moment together count. That way the moments apart won't hurt so much.
~all my love


Doty Family said...

It's so hard...... But atleast your making the most of the moments you do have.

Brittney said...

awww cute post, and you look gorgeous! I like how you made your blue eyes stand out. You're great at photography.