Sunday, February 14, 2010

Crazy love

Whew... I am plum tuckered out. It has been a rough couple of days. Work has been CRAZY, INSANE, DEMANDING, and STRESSFUL. Apparently somebody let the word out that we have fabulous weather, and lots of golf courses, because WOW... I don't think I have seen St. George more packed with people. Granted it is the home show this week, and I am quite sure that there are all kinds of sports tournaments going on... (that or uniforms are really in this spring). I have been running around like a chicken with it's head cut off... NONSTOP.
Yesterday Mitch and I decided that it was time to figure out how to get the water in the refrigerator working again. (thanks to our little furry friend we sprung a leak)... so we pulled out the fridge, made a trip to home depot and TADA... water... =) well nothing around our house is ever quite that easy... "a can of worms" can describe just about any project we take on. Soooo... we noticed that the tiles under the fridge were broken, from rolling it in and out, so we decided we should probably take care of that. So now, thanks to my ambition, I am stuck with my refrigerator in the middle of my kitchen for the next few days while we fix the tile. but at least I have water!!
I love Valentines day... and I wasn't about to let working nonstop and fixing leaky fridges stop me from making some yummy cookies... lots and lots of yummy cookies. So when I got home from work last night, Brittany, Drayden and I started making cookies. (Chantel was already out like a light) it was 10:00 afterall. They were such troopers, we mixed and stired, and rolled and cut, and baked until after midnight... then I woke up very early this morning and made frosting. Chantel woke up first, and was so sad that she didn't stay awake to make cookies, so she got to help frost all the cookies. After all the names were written on each and every cookie, and they were all plated up and ready to deliver, I had to run and get ready for work. My sweet Valentine took me to work and stayed with me all day... (mostly as theft prevention... I was all by myself, and there were a million people) Thank goodness I have him!!! About 6:00, I finally got a chance to set down and breathe. WHEW... my back and legs and feet hurt... but my heart is full.... I have a blessed life. Now if you will excuse me... I think I have earned a cookie... =)


Hopie said...

And those cookies were LISHAROONEY!!!!! THANK YOU!!!

Michelle said...

I swear I say this every post, but you're such an awesome mom! I didn't do anything fun for my kids on V-day. Just the regular valentine's day cards for friends! Maybe next year I'll be more ambitious! Also, I didn't know that Mitch was your bodyguard sometimes.:) I'm pretty sure I wouldn't steal anything from your store if he was there protecting it.:) Does Britney tend for you while he's with you? Hope you guys are doing good!

ME said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog!!! All your journaling and pics are so fun to read and look at. You are so amazing and talented!

Kate said...

Youre such a cute mommy. I gotta say I don't miss retail during the busy season! But at least you have that ama-zing weather. And don't you just love those "small" projects that turn into full home remodels? lol.

Sarah said...

K- I would like to know what the freaking news is already. FOR THE LIFE OF ME: I cannot be patient about anything else!! Just tell me!! I can keep a secret. BTW: I miss you guys. I love your sweet family!! Love you!