Monday, May 23, 2011


First and foremost, these pictures are totally out of order (*no you're out of order... lol... always wanted to say that.) But bear with me.

Our Easter tradition is a bit different from most people's...

We get together with Mitch's mom, dad, brothers, sisters, and kids, and go easter egg 'hunting'.

We draw cute little faces on the eggs... all 15 dozen of them... and tape strings to about 10 dozen.

Then we hang them in the trees and scatter them on the ground.

Then the kids line up and take turns blowing them to smitherines! It has about as much to do with the resurection of Christ as any other crazy Easter tradition, and we like it.

We always go out to Pacoon Springs, it is about 45 minutes up the road from our house. My SIL bought a bunch of dime store gold fish and turned them loose in the springs... they are now about 6 inches long, and having babies! It is pretty cool!

Annie got to go on her very first 4-wheeler ride. She loved it! =) daddy was so proud.

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Michelle said...

You guys are halarious! I love it!