Thursday, December 9, 2010

What's on your list?

My Christmas list this year is quite long... I have alot of family and friends that I want to give gifts to. The problem... $$$$... always... so I had to get creative. I am sorry if I am ruining the surprise for a few of you, but I thought it might be nice to give people ideas for inexpensive gifts that are pretty cool... in my opinion at least. =)
Chantel and I spent all day walking around downtown St. George finding "letters" She is 5 and therefore is very aware of the alphabet. I think we came up with some pretty cool abstract letters to make name pictures out of. This particular gift set me back $2.99 for each print.

I happen to LOVE nativity sets. I think they are simply adorable. When we were at the Dicken's festival last week I saw an adorable snowman nativity... I had to have it! $45... I think not. I went to the store and bought about $6 worth of polymer clay... add a lazy afternoon of playing with said clay, a few beads, and a few scraps of fabric, and voila... a $6 snowman nativity. (characters are about 2" tall)

This next one is actually a stolen idea. My friend Shay gave me a very similar "car kit" last year. I loved the idea and found it very useful, so I decided to make my own. The one she gave me was made from a pot holder, and it was so cute! I was unsuccessful in finding pot holders that were cute and cheap, so I decided to make my own... I cut 2 pieces of fabric (about the same size as a pot holder) and sewed around the edge. I frayed it a little and called it good. I used 8 ziplock bags. I lined them up, 4 going each direction, with the zipper edge lined up with the outside of the fabric. I pinned it (it is really slippery to sew, so pin it like you mean it!) and did a simple zigzag stitch down the middle. I cut off the excess bag from the bottom and voila... it is ready to fill full of whatever you want. I put in disposable toothbrushes, gum, flossers, a sewing kit, tissue, nail clippers, a nail file, lotion, bandaids, a lighter, and a $5 bill. These cost about $11 each to make.

so cute when it is all closed up! and it fits perfectly in your glove box.

This last one is actually a baby shower gift, and not a Christmas gift, but the idea is still applicable. It is an applique towel. This picture is really hard to see it properly, but I used my Cricut machine to cut the baby's name out of wonder under. (wonder under is a FABULOUS invention... it is basically an iron on fabric bonder... it is so cheap... and my new best friend.) I then ironed the letters onto fabric. Cut the letters out of the fabric and ironed them onto the towel. I stitched around them just to make sure it would last through all the washing I am sure it is going to endure, but the wonder under is supposed to be pretty durable all by itself. I think it turned out adorable! it looks very professional if I don't say so myself... ;) This is a hooded towel, and it only cost $8 to make. I got the basket at DI for $1... seriously one of my favorite finds EVER! Throw in a teddy bear and a sweet little bow... and well, I think it is super cute~!

I hope this helps give some of you ideas for people on your Christmas list! What are you planning on giving family and friends this year?


*Aliese* said...

SO CUTE! I love all these ideas...

Melissa said...

I LOVE the photo letters. I have seen them around and thought that they would make great gifts! You have come up with some great ideas and are very crafty!

Some of the things that I have made this year are vinyl monogrammed hanging plates, tutus, rolled flowers and felt flowers, snuggies, photo blocks and vinyl signs to hang hats and jewelry on.

Hopie said...

LOVE the ideas. Especially the letter pictures!!!!

Brian and Hillary said...

These are all way cute Lynnette!!! You are definitely a crafty woman.

I really liked the towel and basket that was super cute.

Laurie Lynn said...

Look at you being all crafty!! I love the photo thing for Chantele! Hope all is well with you and your family! I bet you can't wait for the newest addition to get here!